A joint adventure with Max Kleijberg and Pomme van Hoof  in a collaboration with Akta assistans  and Access health.   The aim of which was to explore loneliness with elderly receiving home care.

• How can the caregivers feel less dependent on the system? And what tools do they need to be able to face the challenges they come across every day? Can we change the job description?

In order to understand the problem we translated the research into a game


  • To make a possible future of home care more concrete
  • To play the future
  • To create a way of letting the care givers experience a bit of this future
  • To test ideas
  • To create engagement
  • To gain a new understanding of homecare
  • To change mindset and behaviour
  • To stimulate direct reflections upon the proposed ideas To trigger conversation
  • To take action!

The game shows a possible future of home care giving, focused on making elderly happy and on empowering the caregivers by providing them tools.


Goal of the game when played with caregivers

• Empower the caregivers

– Becoming more aware of the personal toolbox

– Stimulate creativity

– Find new interests

• Introduction to a new job description: Detect & Connect

– Rethink daily work

– Introduction of new tools

• Platform for conversation

– Sharing knowledge

– Equally involving everybody

• Team building

• Having fun


The boardgame offers an interaction and a starting point to rethink homecare.