Sept. 2011 EDG 1 assignment:

Text: Krapp’s Last Tape (Samuel Beckett)

“Inspired by the text, create a model through which your audience (EDG faculty and students) can share an immersive experience of past, present, and future simultaneously.”

Performed by: Pomme van Hoof, Sara Tunheden, Friðrik Steinn Friðriksson, Max Kleijberg28944054.

The camera that recorded this material was part of the performance, surveilling the audience being trapped in time from a window in the performance space.

Each audience member gets a card which says “Write a message to your future self that you never want to receive”. After that each audience member gets a balloon to which they attach their message. The balloons are set free. Their message will be hidden in the future (or past?) for ever.

The sounds in the movie are the sounds from outside the performance space.